Summer1I retired over 5 years ago. Though I had never gone camping I knew I would not like getting too 'close' to nature. No sleeping bag, tent or campstove for this girl! So, my husband and I bought a recreational vehicle or RV for short. Before my retirement, my husband and I took a couple long trips in the RV we had at the time. I was hooked! We both love to travel, drive and see places.

We had talked about becoming full time RVers if/when I retired and that is exactly what we ended up doing. Not quite nomads, we have a place to anchor ourselves until the travel bug urges us to again hit the road. (Or a cousin says "Where are we going this year?" as we have now enjoyed 4 vacations together...)

Here are some of the places we have enjoyed, RV friendly routes and RV parks well worth stopping by! This list is no way complete but as I remember more or we discover a 'new' favorite, I will add to the list!

Enjoyable places to visit:

Great RV parks:

Enjoyable RV Routes:

Explanations and what you can see coming soon...

  • I really like Interstate 90 up north - it is THE best route to run east/west.
    There is much less traffic, fewer problems, many rest stops and fuel stops.
  • Interstate 80 in Wyoming is breathtaking
  • Interstate 40 in Arizona - easy on the eye
  • Highway 58 in California - love the Tehachapie's (there are a couple very LONG pulls so your rig must be in tip top shape for such a run...)

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