The documents and some of the images came to me from cousin Arlene Pimsner. Simon Pimsner was her grandfather. Arlene's niece, Linda Lutz, had had the originals in storage and Arlene asked Linda to make copies and share them with me. Thank you SO much ladies!! (Note: So far, I have been in contact with descendants of Theresia, Simon and John!!)

Image 1
Pimsner Image 1
Possibly a travel document
Image 2
School document for Simon Pimsner
Possibly a document for school for Simon Pimsner
Image 3
Simon Pimsner birth record
Possibly a birth record for Simon Pimsner
Image 4
Pimsner military document
Possibly a military service document for Andreas Pimsner
back cover
Image 5
Pimsner sons
Photograph - sons of Andreas & Anna (Schmitt) Pimsner
Image 6
Andres Pimsner journey level certificate
Certificate of "journey level" craftsman - possibly for Andrés Pimsner
Image 7
Amalia/Anna Fleischer birth record
Possible birth record of Amalia/Anna Fleischer
Image 8
Simon Pimsner school record
School record - Simon Pimsner (1875 December)
Értesitö is the title
Image 9
Pimsner family
Pimsner family - I'm not sure when this was taken but am guessing shortly after they arrived in the United States - closer to 1882 than 1908 when Andreas died.
Image 10
Pimsner Image 3
John and Theresia (Pimsner) Ballasch
l to r - row 1: Mary, Theresia, Julia, John
l to r - row 2: John, Anna, Joseph

Thanks to cousin Karl Butch for this photo! (Karl is the great grandson of Anna.)

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