At any given time, I am sharing some of my favorite photographs...

Western sunset - California

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Day is done and the sun is slowly dropping in the West. Some days are not much to see yet others, the sunset display takes your breath away!

I have been taking pictures since a young teenager. Every chance I got to earn money I bought film and scouted around for something to capture in the lens of the camera I was using. Because I have serious eye problems I rely totally on auto focus cameras. That hasn't limited my enjoyment or trying to capture what I can whether at home or on the road. I enjoy photos of the flowers I grow and the pets I surround myself with. If I see a breathtaking sunset, a mountain range draped in snow or the cows and horses in my backyard - all provide a sense of beauty and wonder.

Because I love to share, I will be changing the various photos periodically so come back and see what else has caught my eye!!