Please take a look at this photo...

This is a wedding photo for my great grandparents, Adam Brand and Mary May. I have definite information for two (2) of the wedding party and know who two (2) additional people are but can use some help with the rest!

Brand weddng
  • Date: Nov 14 1893
  • Place: St. Michael's Church
  • Officiating: Father NL Franzen (uncle of the bride...)
First row:
Regina ______ (possibly Franzen?? or descended from a Franzen?)
Mary May

Second row:
Anna Franzen Boesen
Mathias Boesen
Unknown man (may be Peter Arnulty??)
Adam Brand
Nick Beck (How is he related or was he just a friend of the groom?)
Unknown woman --=--=--=--=-- (may be Louisa Renter??)

If you recognize these people please let me know.

Witnesses on church record are listed as: Peter T. Arnulty, Louisa Renter, Nicholas Beck, Mary May. (So, WHO is the Mary May listed as a witness???)

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