Please take a look at this photo...

It was taken some time during World War I. I have no idea 'where' but having decided to finally turn the photo over to see IF there is any writing I now have names!!

Click for a LARGER view
Dittmer - World War I photo
The names on the back read: (left to right) Miss Eugenie, her mother, Ernest, Yours truly (Henry A Dittmer), Mark, Max, Albert, George, Jeanne, _______ White, N__ce or see if YOU can figure out the words I can't (click here)

And here is another photo from WWI! This is the 'camp' photo for Battery A, 123rd Field Artillery. Taken at Camp Logan, Houston Texas in November 1917. (Want to know where Henry is??? Look for the first tent that is to the front - now look for the blue dot!)

The original photo is very long - it is almost 53" long and 9" high.

I used a 'Flip-Pal' to make 28 individual scans and then merged them together into a single photo. I will rescan when I someday am again in a home and have the photo out of storage...
Cousin Nell Marie had been going through a cache of photos left behind when her mom, Aunt Rita Dittmer Greenwood, passed away. Here are two photos I have NEVER seen before and I was SO excited to see an older Johann Ditmter and a younger Anthony Dittmer. (I met with Great Uncle Tony when he was in his 80's - not long before he passed away.) When Nell first saw the photo she wondered who was who and I needed to do some research but eventually pinpointed the brothers. It is interesting in that my mother remembered her grandfather had glaucoma before he died. The WWI draft registration for Tony Dittmer states he was the caregiver for his blind father (in 1917) and Johann died in 1921. America joined in the War in April 1917 and the war ended in November 1918. I am guessing these photos were taken between 1918 and 1919.  

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