Norm’s Family Tree
Jeannette Harper

The majority of the Lovejoy data was gleaned from the CE Lovejoy, Lovejoy Family dated 1930. Additional data has been supplied by Aunt Mabel Lunderville, Linda, Sharon, Kathy and Pat; the State of Maine Vital Records, Placer & El Dorado Counties for California Vital records.

Lowell data has been gleaned from The Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America dated 1899. A very special thanks to Jean Hankins of Otisfield ME. Without her help and guidance, I would still be looking for my Lowell family! And John - you've provided the nudge I needed to tie the Cooper's and Lowell's together.

Cooper data has been an ongoing battle. Lloyd and Eda Cooper of Berkeley, CA were great help as I've tried to match names and families. The Placer County CA Archives has been a wonderful source of information. I'd love to contact descendents of Andrew and Mehitable Cooper for sure! And 'Cousin' Kate. You keep me on the right path! I'm still looking for Lorenzo's kin and will find them if they exist. In the mean time, keep those jokes coming :-)

I am only now starting to dig into the Harper side of this research project. I have many early photographs of Harpers, Gibsons, Adairs, etc and will try to post them as soon as I can. A wonderfully informative site is the Holderby site.

07/01/2018: I don't have any 'major' updates/changes to the date in this file. I just figured it was time to 'refresh' everything!! (I like the fact that each and every person now has their own 'family group sheet' attached!! How cool is that??)

04/18/2016: Oh my goodness, another update so soon! I have added quite the information to the Cooper and Lowell side of Norm's family tree. Having watched an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" a couple Sunday's ago, I recognized the surname researched for that episode. Sure enough, Norm is also related to Simon Wardwell! One thing leading to another, I have added quite a few generations thanks to resources found on!!

03/12/2016: Yes, it is long overdue that I update the data on my website! Mea culpa! I've been concentrating on MY side of the family but I've not been forgetting my husbands! We both have submitted our DNA for testing to both Ancestry and 23andMe. If YOU have submitted your DNA and feel you have a 'connection' then by all means, contact me! The Harper side is as always a difficult research project mainly because we don't really know where the Harper's originated! The Civil War tore up this family in a multiple of ways. Whether I will ever have an answer of WHO were the parents of James W.?

11/18/2011: All it takes is seeing someone else 'researching' one of the families I am researching and I get excited! A distant 'Gibson' cousin was looking for information and I realized I haven't updated my husband's family tree in a few months. I am fortunate that both Ancestry AND FamilySearch have more documents posted than 2 years ago! I almost gave up on the Gibson family! And who in their right mind would purposefully search for anyone with the name SMITH? Well I am happy to say I found Great Aunt Marie AND her sister, Emma as well as a whole family of Smith's!! Yay!

05/08/2011: I'm at it again - between getting a HUGE amount of data from cousin, Maedean (Harper side) and then 'finding' all sorts of stuff on the Lovejoy and Cooper sides - it is time to get this stuff updated! Lately, I have been fortunate to add obituaries to the Placer County GenWeb site of which I am co-coordinator. Lovejoy, Dobbas, Cooper, Layton and Lowell - many have been added! I spent an afternoon at the CAS State Library and came away disappointed! Data I thought they would have was NOT there! Next stop will be my local Family History Center. I have also subscribed for 3 months to an on-line newspaper site. I'm not thrilled with what is available but atleast I 'found' a couple obits!

10/01/2010: It has been quite awhile since my last update - I have been busily adding Cooper information and know there will be MORE down the road!! I have been surprised at the number of people accessing with Andrew Cooper searches! Who are you and how are we related?

03/13/2009: I am updating some additional COOPER kin data. How exciting to find this 'long lost' connection in Wyoming! I even found Mary Jane in New Hampshire!! :-) jt

6/22/2008: I am finally able to present an update for this database! I have added Harper information as well as some Lovejoy and Lowell information but I'm MOST excited that I actually have been able to 'find' some additional COOPER kin! How exciting :-) jt

Oh happy days!  We have kin!  Maedean Harper Rainbow sent me an email and has since provide so MUCH information - names, dates, places AND photos!  As soon as I am able, I will create a photo 'album' on-line!  (Maedean is the daughter of Clarence Harper; son of James W Harper...  my husband is the grandson of Dorsey W Harper, son of James W Harper!!)

As with any research I expect you will see some errors. Please don't hesitate identifying my mistakes! But when you do, I'd like some information from YOU! And most importantly, if you have access to any portraits or photographs of individuals identified here, I would really like to include the images you find with the names they match!

I've been able to ADD to the Lovejoy information! While researching for more info on Clara Greenleaf (Page) Lovejoy I found HER brother was married to Loreston's sister! And, for a short while, this couple lived in Iowa Hill!!